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Capri, Metropolitan City of Naples, Italy 4 DAYS

SMALL GROUP EXPERIENCE - 10 guests maximum


Our group trips are small and intimate. With a maximum of 10 guests on tour, we can reach smaller towns and enjoy more personal experiences than is possible with larger groups. We welcome travelers from around the world - couples, solo adventurers, friends, mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, cousins, aunts and uncles

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Leading your adventure in Capri, your host Olivia is an Australian woman living in Rome, who has a huge love for the land of la dolce vita, cooking, food and wine. She has spent the last few years learning Italian (not to mention some Piemontese dialect!), immersing herself in the culture, and working on organic farms, wineries and agriturismi across Italy. Check out Olivia's adventures in Italy on her Instagram @livguine

Capri boat transfer and island cruise


Nothing can prepare you for the jaw dropping scenes that await when you arrive by boat to Capri. The island looms in the distance but it's not until you get up close that you truly appreciate its rugged beauty, tiny inlets and coves. Navigating around the island is undoubtedly a highlight of any trip to Capri and we can't wait to share this very special experience with you. If the weather and tides allow, we'll also visit the famed Blue Grotto before enjoying our private island cruise stopping to admire other grottoes and natural rock formations.



Capri is best known for its famous salad but there are many other dishes to try from the island - spaghetti vongole anyone? We're going to taste our way around the delicious (and nutritious) dishes of the island, discover the olive oil that is a staple in Caprese cuisine and enjoy wines to match. 



Making (and eating) pasta is one of life's great pleasures and you'll learn how to make several delicious dishes with our friends chef Gianluca and Holly from Michelangelo Capri. We can't think of a better souvenir to take home than the ability to share your Caprese experiences with family and friends.



The traditions of Capri run deep and strong. Our special experience on the island gives you a little peek into the rituals, rites and artistry of a people who have inhabited this land for centuries. We'll enjoy watching and dancing the tarantella, hearing traditional music and admire artisans at work. You'll even have the opportunity to acquire your very own pair of custom made sandals.

Relax at a beach club

One of Capri's greatest pleasures is relaxing at one of its iconic beach clubs. We'll take you to one of our favorites for relaxing, swimming and a leisurely lunch. It's nothing short of perfetto!


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Capri, Metropolitan City of Naples, Italy
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